Ben & Bella Burnsafe Superheroes Storybook and Teacher Guide Series


Suitable for educators working with children in Kindergarten to Year 2.

Join Ben and Bella, the Burnsafe Superheroes, on their adventures.

Learn about the different types of burns and how to prevent them, how to apply burn first aid, as well as have fun spotting the burn bandits.

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These three storybooks, with supporting teacher guides, form part of the Ben & Bella Burnsafe Superheroes Burn Prevention Education Program which seeks to improve students’ knowledge and understanding of burn injury, burn prevention and burn first aid. A cross curricula approach, with mapping to the Western Australian Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines and the Western Australian Curriculum (P-2), are features of the burn prevention education program.

Each storybook is standalone. Additional information about burn prevention and treatment is included at the back of the storybooks and in the teacher guides.

  1. Ben & Bella Save the Day!
  2. Ben & Bella Make Mum’s Day.
  3. Ben & Bella Spot the Dangers.