More Than Skin Deep – Children and Young People – Education & Community


This resource has been developed to assist those supporting a child or young person who is recovering from a burn and is suitable for teachers, coaches, friends, and community members.

It will provide insight into the challenges they may be facing and help to build a greater understanding of the support strategies that can be used when working with a child or young person recovering from a burn.

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The resource contains on-screen information, podcasts, animations, and videos. At the end of the resource there is a downloadable PDF of content covered.

– Patient experiences.
– The challenge of scarring.
– Helping the child feel OK about their scars.
– Challenges of integrating back into school and the community.
– The impact of the burn injury on the family.
– Managing emotions and feelings.

The resource content will take approximately 15 minutes to view.

The More than Skin Deep learning program supports the vision of the Stan Perron Centre of Excellence in Childhood Burns and is proudly funded by the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

The Fiona Wood Foundation would like to acknowledge the support, knowledge, and the sharing of lived experience by parents, patients, clinicians, and allied health professionals in the development of the More than Skin Deep learning program.